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  Welcome to Vevaa Business Solutions
Vevaa Business Solutions (VBS) is a software development house based in Mumbai, India.
We are committed to offering solutions that meet our clients' core requirements. Our experienced staff will make sure that the advice and service you receive further maximizes your value. Our services are designed to be exceptionally flexible to the precise needs of a particular client. . Being a quality driven firm, we help your organisation attain high performance and also ensure to deliver our cost-competitive service that can go beyond traditional development and maintenance
VBS offers ‘Solutions’ to our customers by leveraging its deep domain expertise and skills in innovative technologies. VBS works closely with its customers to develop & customize applications that provide strategic benefits & advantage to the customers.
  Application Services
Application Services are core to our strategy and revenues from verticals like Insurance Financial Services, Media & Entertainment and other emerging verticals. We have a talented team who work closely with our customers to support their applications and can assist clients in establishing an integrated approach to software development process improvement.  Working with both new and established IT teams our consultants will transfer the processes, knowledge or techniques to support efficient development in our client’s organizations Our team's success is proven by our retention of customers and their continued investment in our relationship with them.