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Vevaa offers services and solutions that are designed to improve your bottom-line efficiency, and drive top-line effectiveness VeVaa offers an extensive range of highly professional support and maintenance services to accompany the implementation of our solutions. In depth study of your existing systems will be carried out and assistance to integrate it with the application will be provided.
We are one of the earliest adopters of ACORD standards in LIM and have worked closely with ACORD messages through all their versions. The team is experienced in ACORD messages around placement, post-placement and endorsements to contracts, claims, technical account & settlements.
Our know how is in the following:
Market approved business processes (a set of 28 G6 processes) that cover
  the complete placing lifecycle.
:: ACORD and XML industry standards for Placement, Claims, Technical
  Account and Settlement.
:: ACORD message mapping to a range of backoffice databases, message
  translation and validation through schematron.
:: ACORD DRI messages to interface with the IMR or suitable market
  document repository.
:: Endorsements through either e-mail or ACORD message delivery, and the
  translation of an e-mail supported Endorsements solution to an ACORD-
  based one.
From our experience an industry-grade messaging solution has to overcome key business and technical challenges. With our experience in the above, our gateway solution will meet the following critical requirements:
:: Compliance in translation and validation to a variety of ACORD message
  versions, including older versions that may yet be in circulation.
:: Support for the entire range of ACORD fields for the placement life cycle.
:: Full support for the design and exchange of skinny messages so that
  business takeup can be staged/piloted before full use.
:: Minimizing the effect of non-standard or extended message fields in interfac-
  ing with backoffice software whilst ensuring zero-loss of message data.
Equally, we will ensure the security and scalability of the gateway. We will do this by bringing our experience to:
:: Architect the solution around optimum message throughput.
:: Design all components of the gateway such that the gateway remains true to
  its primary purpose of message translation and delivery without compromi-
  sing on the sanctity of the data within.
VBS has considerable demonstratable expereince in doing the above. Note that we are also experienced in designing the presentation layer such that screens can be easily customised to bring the client-specific desktop feel. This will comfort users in their transition to electronic messaging. And the gateway will be supported by dashboards, in-depth auditing, business rules, and quick search functionality that can be drilled down from contracts to process operations to individual transacted messages.